The wages Cristiano Ronaldo has earned since joining Al Nassr

The first ‘trailblazer’ for the Saudi Pro League, Cristiano Ronaldo has now been in Asia for almost a year.

Laying down the lucrative path for the rest of Europe’s ageing stars, the former Manchester United and Real Madrid icon’s move transformed the transfer market. Without him, there is a strong possibility that Saudi Arabia would have struggled to get their foot on the ladder as quickly as they have.

Ronaldo is, of course, being paid astronomical sums in his new PR role, currently earning more than any other footballer on the planet.

But just how much has he earned since arriving at Al Nassr at the end of 2022?

Ronaldo arrived at Al Nassr back on 30 December 2022 after parting ways with Man Utd following a dreadful return to Old Trafford.

Despite contrasting reports, it’s believed that the Portuguese was on approximately £28.5m-a-year in Manchester, working out at just over £500,000-a-week.

That was a pretty handsome salary for a veteran Ronaldo, but it pales in comparison to what he is currently on in the Saudi Pro League.

Now the highest paid player ever, the 38-year-old is on a jaw-dropping £177m-a-year at Al Nassr, equating to roughly £3.4m-a-week.

This also doesn’t include sponsorship deals, social media earnings and his own vast business portfolio, meaning Ronaldo is comfortably earning significantly more than that total sum per week.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo signed a two-and-a-half-year deal with the Saudi side / Amin M. Jamali/GettyImages

Having now been at Al Nassr for almost exactly ten months, with another year-and-a-half left on his deal, Ronaldo has certainly reaped the financial rewards of his Saudi move.

Since his arrival, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner has brought home a staggering £147.5m. That means, if he were to wait until New Year’s Day, then Ronaldo could feasibly buy Sheffield United with just a year’s salary.

If Ronaldo were to wait until the end of his contract in June 2025, which would see him earn £442.5m over two-and-a-half years in Saudi Arabia, then he could afford to buy Sheffield Wednesday as well.

There is little surprise that Ronaldo was willing to test the waters in Saudi Arabia.


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